This here thing is something I initially wanted to put in Vol. 2 of My Mother of Old Bones as some kind of prelude but realized that I don't really care very much about the myth of Persephone at all. I'd best stick to the magical grandmas, thanks. I think you can kind of tell that I only really care about the last page.

And so the old myth goes: young Persephone goes out to pick some flowers...

(TBH I could never figure out a good intro page)

But yes, I'm aiming to get the new one out by the end of November. Early December at the absolute latest.

Happy Halloween. Güdnite.


Hi, everyone. Let me catch you up.

The past few months have been a little bit nuts, to be honest. From making some personal changes to all my living plans/arrangements falling through mid summer and having to go back and forth between Atlanta and Chi just to find a place to live. Needless to say, the semester's start was a bit overwhelming.

But I'm happy with the work I've been doing. Here is a kind of glorified mock-up of something I'm hoping to submit to the Joan Flash Artists' Book Collection here at SAIC:

For this project I'm really interested in printing on translucent materials, be it vellum or sheer fabrics and the like. I've been reading a lot about artists' books and Dieter Roth's work in alt. publications and one thing that really struck me was this conversation on the concept of being able to see through a page. Be it due to the material itself or by literally carving a hole into the thing. And that by seeing through the page from one direction you are essentially seeing into the future and in the other direction you see the past in a new light. It would be way cool to bring that into comics in some way.

Also I thought it was fitting for a short narrative that is more or less about returning to a place from the past, but also about moving onward. 

Bee Tee Dubs: all of the photos besides the one of the airport and the one of the northern lights are from my own trip to Iceland. This little short is kind of born out of how badly I want to go back. When I went it was with a former partner and I'd like to reclaim the place for my own in some dumb way. 



I don't know if it means anything what so ever but the fact that the peeps at Quimby's added that they were excited about my mini on the description makes me feel like a proud mama! Quimby's as a business is extremely supportive of self-publishers so I am especially proud to be among the stacks in that place.

I'm feeling really encouraged!